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Saturday, June 24, 2017

              Finished Cutting All the Center
                        Pattern Pieces
  I just finished cutting all the fabric pieces for the center of my quilt, I thought there were only going to be 36 pieces to cut and fuse but as it turned out I had to cut many more pieces than I thought I would. Happens sometimes.
  Once I started cutting the pieces out I realized I wanted much more detail in each row and that meant cutting more pieces.
 I divided the quilt into several rows and made the pattern piece one row at a time and put each row of pattern pieces in its own bag.

  To keep track of the pieces I had to cut I penciled in the area with an  orange pencil . each time I cut and fused a section of the middle area of the quilt.

  Next  I fused the freezer paper pattern to a chosen fabric and fused those to lightweight  fusible web. I end up with a sandwich of fusible web, Fabric and freezer paper.
  I placed each fused sandwich on the top of my  homemade light table and drew around the edge of each pattern piece with a pencil and cut them out.

  To make my light table I used a shoe box I had on hand and taped the lid in place and cut around the inside top . Them I used duct tape on the edge of the top of the box . Next I took a small pane of glass that was light weight and the same size, as the top of the box and taped the edge so it would be smooth. .
 I put a small push light in the bottom and ended up with a light table that I could sit in my lap and use to make my pattern pieces,
  Cheap, easy to use.
   With me sitting in a wheelchair this  light table makes it easier for me to draw what ever I need to. It sure cuts down on the cost of a light table.

   Lastly I put each row of pattern pieces in a plastic bag that I had marked with the row number and any extra information.