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   Iris Bag
    Just finished a new bag this morning. With flowers blooming right now I was inspired to make this Iris Bag.
    The flowers were fused in place and zig-zag stitched around the edge.   I made the background fabric by free -motion stitching over the surface of a pale yellow fabric that I had back with a fusible interfacing.

The inside of this bag has two pockets. I used a simple store bought  purple patterned cotton fabric to line this bag.

The straps were made using the same fabric that I made the body of the bag from. I cut 1.5 in strips of yellow fabric for the inside of the strap and 2 in fabric for the outside strap fabric. The straps are around 44 in long.
 I used a simple purple/blue button for this bag
 Here is the back of the bag. I used several colors of batik fabric for the bag.

I make bags to give as gifts and also sometimes I get orders for them. These are much easier to sell than my art quilts. Just finished another bag; only two more to go .Now I'm off to paint some fabric. The picture above is a photo of the bag body. All the fabric is cotton; I searched the net for ideas of flowers from the 60's . This strip will be folded  in half and then have straps attached.

It is a beautiful evening and I thought I would post a couple of pictures of tiny purses I make that feature landscapes on the front. These purses are -1/2in by 4-1/2 in. I make these from scraps of fabric, ribbons, shells, beads, yarn, etc. that I have left over from making my larger quilts. These are called pocket purses; they can be worn around the neck to carry a credit card or even a small phone.

Here is a picture of the bag after I finished the embroidery work on the front and back.

I got all the pattern pieces cut out today and I choose some beads and embroidery thread. I also drew my goddess quilting pattern. Next I will finish my embroidery work which I was able to start today. I decided to add four runes to the front of the bag and I will add some beads to the front also.Then all I have to do is sew the bag together and send it off to my friend.

Here are photos of my latest bag. This bag is for a little girl whose favorite color is blue. Luckily I had some nice fabric to use. I selected pictures I thought she would like. Her favorite thing is Cinderella so I hope she likes the bag. Here is the front. Her initial is O. I used a gold button that has rhinestone stars. The second photo is the inside of the bag. I did some free motion stitching using shiny threads. The last picture is the back of the bag. I used cotton fabric for the bag.


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