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Welcome to my blog. I enjoy sharing what I do with you. All images on this site are copyrighted 2003 - 2015. Please do not use any of the photos without my written permission. Thank you.

Art Quilts

This is my quilt, Winter Migration. It was made for the challenge, My World in Black and White.

Lilies of the Pantanal was one of my favorite quilts to make. It took me six months with all the 3-dimensional work I put into it. These water lilies in the foreground are actually large enough to hold a man.  The Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world, partly in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

This is Place of Meditation. I love the feeling of this peaceful place. It is a place where I can go in my mind to meditate.

You will see that all of my landscapes are totally beautiful and peaceful scenes. Doing work like this helps me to overcome my constant pain instead of having to rely on more medicine than I absolutely need. This one is called Mountain Cover.

I'm just finished this beautiful and quiet desert scene right now. As you might have figured out, I like very much to use oval and circular shapes for the edges of my quilts.

I wanted to try something different, so I made this Egyptian flute player in a beautiful and spiritual garden. I intend to enter this piece in the 2011 Sacred Threads Challenge. It is a very good traveling exhibit, and it is one I have long wanted to enter.

This is a bit different for me.  Sometimes I like to just step outside the things I normally do and come up with something unusual. I enjoyed making this very much.

Although I live up in the gold country, I have seen a number of lighthouses and I am always fascinated by them.  My son loves lighthouses, so I made this for him. I painted the sky here, something I really enjoy doing.

This was made for a friend who owns a ranch and has horses. It was a fun challenge for me.

I loved creating this piece with its serene colors and forms.  I think the matting and the simple gold frame fits it very well also.

This is another of my favorite pieces I made.  It has a tremendous amount of surface embellishment on it.  Everyone who has seen it loved it.

This is one of my earlier quilts I made for my sister for Christmas some years ago. I used Rit dye to help me paint the sky and clouds.

This is my Sacred Dawn quilt. I did strips of multicolors around the border. This was a new technique for me and I like how it came out. There are three-dimensional parts on the trees and also I hand-painted the sky here. This piece was a lot of fun to do.

This is an ocean scene I did early on too. I love seascapes, and love making jelly fish, sea horses and octopuses.  I made this one for my son.

This quilt was made for the cover of my friend, Anne Copeland's E-book, Pumpkin, Pumpkin. This is the Pumpkin Goddess.

This is a fabric picture I made a long time ago. It is framed and not quilted. I hand painted the background. I gave it to one of my relatives for a Christmas present.

This is a quilt callet Pele after the volcano in Hawaii. Here the lava is flowing out into the ocean.

This is my latest quilt, Buddah's Garden.  I love creating scenes where you look through an overhanging area to see the outside sun and sky.  This one is perhaps one of the most symbolic of my life as a physically challenged artist interacting with the outside from a small, closed in area where I stay.  Seeing the light beyond and the outside world in this way gives me great hope.

This is my Sacred Dawn Quilt. I spent a lot of hours painting the sky for this.  I think I did several different ones before I came up with one I liked for this.