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Saturday, April 8, 2017

       Ive fiannally

  ive finally  I've finally got a chance to get back to work on my quilt.
 It took several days  to get all my fabric chosen for each  part of the quilt. I got all the pattern pieces cut and fused to fusible web and I've started placing all the fabric pattern pieces in place  on my background fabric and getting  ready to be iron them in place.  
        when I place my pieces of cut fabric on the background I use cellophane that I've draw my original black line design on, using a Sharpie felt tip pen, as a guide to help me get each small piece in place. I will continue doing this step until all the pieces are in place.




Tuesday, March 14, 2017

   This is my design drawn on cotton fabric. I used my homemade light table to get the drawing transferred on to the sheet of cloth and I fused the cloth to freezer paper.
    In the  next photo I've fused the cloth to fusible web and ironed them together . I use parchment paper , that can be gotten in most grocery stores, to put on the top of the fabric/fusible web and iron it for about ten seconds.
   When I iron these together I move the iron across the fabric lifting the iron  up and down as I go across the surface.
  It will take me a several hours to get this done for all the freezer paper pattern I cut out.

                              Back to the Quilt

 I'm finally getting to write after a few days delay to take care of some family matters. I have been able to get all my freezer paper pattern pieces trimmed and I've started fusing the fabric and pattern pieces together so I can  fuse the pattern back with fusible web . Then I can cut out the fabric for the temple and sky etc, and be ready to fuse it to the fabric I've drawn my quilt design  on.
 Here is a pic of the fabric ,  freezer paper pattern Ironed together.