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Saturday, November 18, 2017

 Wanted to let everyone know I'm  going to  be teaching a class about making  Fabric Art Bowls this coming January.
     I will be posting all pertinent information about the class on this blog regularly about the class and materials you will need for the class.
     Here are some of the things you will need to have to make the bowls.( in will be adding items to the list below.
       1. Elmers glue            7. scissors
       2. invisable thread
       3. glue sticks
       4. bias binding
       5.sponge paint brush
       6. Scrap fabric

  The first set of pictures is a bowl I made for someone who is a Star Trek fan.
   I made this bowl with cotton fabric scraps I had on hand. The photos inside of the bowl are photos I printed on fabric and added to the inside of the bowl. I made the letters for the inside of the bowl the same way.
  The planets were made from scrap fabrics.
  To make the bowl stiff I used invisible thread to sew around the inside and outside of the bowl then I made a mixture of Elmer's glue and water and painted it on the inside and outside of the bowl and then let it dry. I did this three or four times. I added bias binding to the top edge of the bowl. You can buy it or make your own.

                        Slideshow Available Soon 
  Ive made a slideshow ,using Smilebox, recently to present a few pictures of some of the different  types of bowls I've  made. Hopefully they will inspire you  to create one of your own.


Friday, October 13, 2017

            BOOK for SALE
    The New Book my friend and I have Published is on Amazon.

  Go To www.dldbooks.com/artfulalchemy/ for more information.
the book is also for sale as an Ebook.
                        Wonderful Holiday Gift
      Inspiring and Uplifting Stories of women who have faced challenges and moved forward to create positive fulfilling lives through their art.
  I've just become a new teachers at the Paradise Art Center.
   Will be posting about the ADVENTURE.