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Sunday, July 23, 2017

                                         Round Bag
          I've been working on a round bag idea and today I just finished putting the different elements together.
    I finished the straps and both front and back sections.
  I cut four large round pieces and two 3/4 moon pieces for the inside pockets' and two pieces of batting.

   I added rick rack to the inside pocket tops and for one of the full round pieces I added some raw edge applique elements.
   I used regular cotton fabric for this bag and I did free form stitching on the flowers and ferns. I added buttons for the centers of each flower and used embroidery thread to stitch the buttons on. I used fabric paint to paint the center surface of the flowers.
   I will be assembling the bag today . I need to stich the edge of each circular piece together and then stitch the strap on using a slip stitch.
  the red flowers in the front of the bags design is 3-d and stands up on the surface.
     I'm going to put a simple cotton strap and Velcro closer for the bag.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

              Finished Cutting All the Center
                        Pattern Pieces
  I just finished cutting all the fabric pieces for the center of my quilt, I thought there were only going to be 36 pieces to cut and fuse but as it turned out I had to cut many more pieces than I thought I would. Happens sometimes.
  Once I started cutting the pieces out I realized I wanted much more detail in each row and that meant cutting more pieces.
 I divided the quilt into several rows and made the pattern piece one row at a time and put each row of pattern pieces in its own bag.

  To keep track of the pieces I had to cut I penciled in the area with an  orange pencil . each time I cut and fused a section of the middle area of the quilt.

  Next  I fused the freezer paper pattern to a chosen fabric and fused those to lightweight  fusible web. I end up with a sandwich of fusible web, Fabric and freezer paper.
  I placed each fused sandwich on the top of my  homemade light table and drew around the edge of each pattern piece with a pencil and cut them out.

  To make my light table I used a shoe box I had on hand and taped the lid in place and cut around the inside top . Them I used duct tape on the edge of the top of the box . Next I took a small pane of glass that was light weight and the same size, as the top of the box and taped the edge so it would be smooth. .
 I put a small push light in the bottom and ended up with a light table that I could sit in my lap and use to make my pattern pieces,
  Cheap, easy to use.
   With me sitting in a wheelchair this  light table makes it easier for me to draw what ever I need to. It sure cuts down on the cost of a light table.

   Lastly I put each row of pattern pieces in a plastic bag that I had marked with the row number and any extra information.

Monday, June 12, 2017

             Cutting and Fusing Fabric
         Today I'm cutting and fusing the fabric pieces for the center of the quilt.
  In the first photo I've ironed the freezer paper pattern to the front of the fabric I've chosen for the gravel drive way. I have folded back the freezer paper so the fabric can be seen. I've fused fusible web to the back of the fabric

In this photo I've taken a straight  pin and used it to make a tear line in the fusible web paper on the back of the fabric to  expose the back of the fabric where the fusible web glue is located.
  It will take two to three days to finish this process. there are 36  pattern pieces  to be prepared.

    In this last picture I've done a black line drawing of the middle section of the quilt. Each time I finish a pattern piece I mark the area off using an orange color pencil. This helps me keep track of the pieces I've done and to help me see if I've forgotten to cut out a pattern piece so I can make one if I missed making one. I'm hoping to get 12 pieces done each day. It is labor intensive so I have to take a break in between each set of twelve.