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Sunday, August 20, 2017

                  Canteen Bag Finished
         I just finished my first canteen style bag. I like the way it turned out and it was pretty easy to make. It is 100%  cotton and it has three pockets on the inside .
 I did allot of appliqué on the front of this bag'
 The flowers were cut from cotton fabric and they have been over painted with fabric paint.
  I made the ferns from cotton fabric .
I took photo of the ferns I have in my yard and transferred the photos to fabric and then cut them out , fused the fabric to another pieces of cotton fabric and then cut them out and then stitched them to the front pieces of hand painted fabric I had made earlier. I did this with all the flowers and lastly I painted the flowers with fabric paint.
  The straps are hand pieced and sewn to the edge of the bag.

Back of Bag: I kept it simple since I had done so much work on the front of the bag.

Side view: the bag is 11/2 inches wide.

Here is a pic of the inside of the bag. There are three pockets inside the bag. I added zig zag trim to the top of each pocket top.

I'm asking $35 for the bag
 the bag is 8 in. dia.
 the bags are one of a kind.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

                                     NEW BOOK
       Our new book will be up for sale in a few days. Our web page is having information added daily.
        We have worked on this book for several years and so happy that it will be out for the public. I will be available of soft cover and e-book format. I will post its launch date.
  Barbara Williamson

Sunday, July 23, 2017

                                         Round Bag
          I've been working on a round bag idea and today I just finished putting the different elements together.
    I finished the straps and both front and back sections.
  I cut four large round pieces and two 3/4 moon pieces for the inside pockets' and two pieces of batting.

   I added rick rack to the inside pocket tops and for one of the full round pieces I added some raw edge applique elements.
   I used regular cotton fabric for this bag and I did free form stitching on the flowers and ferns. I added buttons for the centers of each flower and used embroidery thread to stitch the buttons on. I used fabric paint to paint the center surface of the flowers.
   I will be assembling the bag today . I need to stich the edge of each circular piece together and then stitch the strap on using a slip stitch.
  the red flowers in the front of the bags design is 3-d and stands up on the surface.
     I'm going to put a simple cotton strap and Velcro closer for the bag.