Welcome to my site

Welcome to my blog. I enjoy sharing what I do with you. All images on this site are copyrighted 2003 - 2015. Please do not use any of the photos without my written permission. Thank you.


      Here is a  finished a Purple Cuff Bracelet  . I used glass beads and  lace that I dyed with fabric marking pens.

      Here is a picture of a necklace I just finished. I had several pieces of Lapis Lazuli and I had some beautiful dark Royal blue and  white glass I had gotten a while back. In the close up picture you can see the beautiful dark blue glass beads I used close to the clasp.When I see Lapis Lazuli I think of Egypt and the beautiful collars they made and wore.

I love making necklaces and sometimes when I'm watching a movie I get out a few small boxes of beads and make necklaces. It is a way of relaxing after a long day of working on a quilt. I find making these helps me wind down and they are good to have on hand for gift giving for birthdays and holidays.

This is a brooch was made for a friend. Red and gold are her favorite colors. I made one for my sister, daughter-in-law, and one for a friend's mother. I made the face myself.

This is a photo of a necklace I just finished for my granddaughter for her birthday. My sister is going to make her some earrings to match the necklace. It is a joint venture because I know how to make necklaces and my sister knows how to make earrings so it works out great. I sent my sister the beads that will match the necklace .