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Friday, October 21, 2016

  Had to take a little time off from working on my quilts to get a three orders done for a couple of ladies . I'll be back to work on quilts today and for the next few days.
    I got an order for a set of my" Microwave Potholder  Bowls".
     One lady wanted some bowls done with Camo fabric. Id never used it before and I found out that at least in my area it is expensive.
   Everything was made with cotton fabric and batting.
   Here are a coupe of photos of the finished sets.
      I decided to add a small  applique of a forest dweller to each camo bowl.
      I used ceramic beads, cotton cord and pine branch to decorate the finished bowls.


       I also made a set of bowls for a baseball fan. She also wanted a small wall hanging made from the scraps  of the left over fabric.