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Sunday, September 25, 2016

     I just finished cutting out the patterns for the center of the quilt I'm making. I also had a request for a mini wall hanging from some one who is a base ball fan.
     Here is my design.

    I'll have to glue all the pieces down and make sure they are aligned properly and then I will machine stitch all of the pieces of the design in place and put a bias cut border around the edge of the wall hanging.
                       These are some of the patterns for the center design of the quilt. I use freezer paper to make my patterns because I am able to iron them to my fabric so I can
mark the design on the fabric. I use Terial Magic, which is a wonderful product to stabilize my fabric. It helps keep the fabric stiff and helps me get a clean line when I mark the fabric before cutting out each pattern piece.

        I have also finished my black line drawing on clear cellophane of the center design. This helps me with placement of each piece of fabric. I lift the cellophane to place each piece of fabric . The next step is to chose the fabric for each part of the design.