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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

                  WORK BOARD+
  I have prepared  my work board  and have cut the segments for the border from muslin cotton fabric. I also layered the back fabric  which is cotton and the lining which is a low loft cotton polyester blend, base fabric to build the quilt on and all the designs for the vegetable appliques that will be attached to the outside edge of the quilt.
This photo shows my work board and  the layering of the backing fabric, lining, cotton  base fabric .

  The next photo is a corner shot of the fabric segments that I will put the appliques on. I cut them and placed them on the edge of the quilt to make sure they fit well.

 The last photo is the black line drawings I did today of each of the vegetables that will be appliqued on each border segment piece.

Now I will start cutting out the fabric for each of the vegetable appliques.