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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

              Going Forward
 Today I have been swamped with this to do but I'm  getting a little time  in this evening  to work on my quilt.  
    I taped together two pieces of freezer paper and cut out a circle the same size as the inside section of the quilt will be.
    I taped the edge of the two circles together in three places and I have started drawing small sections of the quilt on the surface of the blank freezer paper. I will be numbering each section and will be making a cardboard pattern for each numbered section.
     Here is a photo of the trees drawn in.
  I will also be labeling each element with what it is, For example the trees on the left will be numbered 1&2 and so on.
  This takes a lot of time but it sure does keep things in order.
 Once all the patterns are made they will be placed in a shoe box numbered and labeled .
 im using a medium felt tip pen to draw the lines .