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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

   I have been setting  up a work board for the vegetable appliques I'm going to be putting around the boarder of this quilt.
  I've put the drawings of each vegetable on the left side of the board.
 I have the applique pieces cut out and numbered on the right side of the board.

  Each vegetables fabric will be fused onto paper backed fusible web and each part of  each vegetable will be drawn on freezer paper and ironed onto the fabric I choose for which ever  vegetable I'm making. here is my work board for the vegetables. I'm working on the beets now
I find I work better when I have my table and work board set up and ready to go each day. Once I'm  finished working for the day I get things in order for the next morning.

I've got all the fabric fused and either cut or ready to cut. I  will be fusing all the applique pieces on the a border segment and I'm going to use the  raw edge applique technique for the quilt.

This is a photo of the fabric I've fused . You can see the numbered pieces I have ironed to the surface of the fabric I'm using for the beets and  leaves. I use freezer paper for this part of the process . It helps keep the fabric stiff for easier cutting. Another thing I do to the fabric before I add the fusible web or freezer paper it to spray it with Terial Magic. Using this product keeps the fabric stiff and makes cutting out even the tiniest pieces  of fabric with ease.