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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

                       My First Carved Eggshell
I spent the last two days making my first carved eggshell. It is a goose egg that a local shop owner gave me to see if I would like to decorate  for a completion they were having at their shop.
  So I decided to give it a hand and I went on Pinterest to see how carving an eggshell was done. I had bought a very small drill months ago and I had to learn how to carve the eggshell with it.
    I spent two days carving it with my drill  and this is the result. I also made polymer eggs in assorted colors to put inside the basket.
  The last thing I wanted to do was to make a stand to hang the egg from. I used a cloths hanger which I used metal cutters to cut off the top of the hanger then I bent the hanger into a curved arch for the egg and bent the rest of the hanger into a circle on the bottom. the last thing I did was paint the hanger with black paint.
    It was a fun project and I gained a great admiration of the eggshell carvers I read about  on Pinterest. They are amazing artists.
      Don't know if I will make another. I might .

   I used silk flowers, ribbon ,glass beads, Goose egg, Polymer clay in assorted colors and paper grass.