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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

           New Fairy Doll
       I just finished my first fairy doll. I had some scrap fabric and while I was looking at Pinterest I saw the cutest little scrap dolls  so I decided to make my niece a doll.
       She likes fairies and I thought she would like to have a doll. Now she is old enough that she can enjoy having a small doll for her room.
         If you would like to have a Fairy Doll write me and let me know. It takes about three weeks before the doll will be ready and I'm asking $50.00 for the dolls.
         The doll is hand stitched and made from scrap fabric that I recycle into dolls. I used scrap fabric for most things I make.
           Each doll will have satin flowers and each flower will be beaded in the center.
    I used cotton fabric for the dolls clothes.
          The doll is 91/2 inches tall.
          She has lace and cotton underwear. I make her hair from crochet thread.
            Now that I have finished this project I will be doing my promised landscape.
 I will be posting pictures as I make the quilt.