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Thursday, October 29, 2015

                                    SELLING QUILT
                                        YELLOW HIBISCUS


     This quilt was inspired by the beauty of Hawaii. Represented in the quilt is the state flower (the Yellow Hibiscus), Kukui tree( or candle nut), Oahu Ko’olau Mountain Range and the lush beauty of Hawaii.

     It was finished in February of 2013.

     It is 28 in. in diameter and made from cotton and batik fabrics. I used cotton, rayon and assorted metallic threads.

     Parts were hand-painted, 3-D embellishments were added and the quilt was machine quilted. 

     This quilt was appraised by a certified appraiser of 22 years for $1,800.

     The quilt has a sleeve to hang it with on the back and it is bound all the way around with printed cotton and batik fabric.

     It has cotton batting and the back is covered with a cotton   designer floral print.

    The quilt took me three months to make,

    This is a one of, a one- of- a -kind- set. The other was done in black and white featuring a full moon.    The 3–D embellishments are the leaves and petals on the Hibiscus flowers, and flower buds.  

     I made the leaves by placing two leaf shaped pieces of cotton fabric together, stitching them together, turning them right side out, ironing them and stitching in the veins using cotton thread.  

   The flowers were hand made by fusing two hand painted fabrics together and they were stitched, heated, shaped and allowed to cool. Each flower has a handmade cotton beaded tube in the center.

       I made the mountains using water soluble interfacing and tulle sandwiched together and surface stitched.

        The waterfalls and river and river were stitched using different types of thread.

        I painted the fields of flowers using chopped cotton fabric mixed with glue then painted on and surface stitched.

      Each petal and bud of the flowers was hand painted and the veins were machine stitched. The buds were hand-painted and rolled and dipped in a solution to stiffen them.

     I am a self-taught physically challenged award winning fiber artist.

     I make beautiful one-of-a-kind art quilts.

     I’m a paraplegic from being shot in in the chest and I’m a cancer survivor and have survived multiple medical procedures over the years, some life threatening.

     It takes me approximately three to six months to make an art quilt that I have designed.

    My quilts have been exhibited throughout the U.S. and in Ireland where I was the featured quilter.

    You can see more of my work on my blog at Threascapestudio.blogspot.com.

    I would love for you to have this beauty in your home. Pictures don’t do justice to the texture and intense colors in the quilt.

    I’m selling this quilt to help raise money to get a book published I co-authored called:

                          Artful Alchemy: Physically Challenged Artist Creating.

   If you do buy the quilt we will put your name in our book as one of our donors.

   I appreciate you helping me to raise the funds to get published.


     A quilt is a good investment.

      The good thing about something of beauty is that you can always enjoy it no matter what happens in the economy vs. something like stocks and bonds.

     Your quilt will come with instructions to help you preserve it, to be enjoyed, for years to com.

     I am a senior and the day will come when I can no longer make more quilts. Until them I will be posting my new creations on my blog which is listed above or on Pinterest.

                                                     Thank You