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Sunday, October 18, 2015

     I Just finished three set of my bowls that  you can use to reheat food in the microwave. Just put your container in the potholder and once the food is heated you will be able to remove the food without burning your fingertips.

 They can be used as a table decoration and you can put snacks in glass bowls and place them in these fabric potholder  bowls and make a nice table presentation or you can used them  to hold hot cereal  or cold ice cream.

 They are fun to make and as long as cotton fabric the sky is the limit on fabric choices for these. I'm going to make a set of black batik set of bowls.

They make great gifts and will make a welcome additions to the kitchen.

 Here are photos of my new sets.

                       I WILL BE POSTING THE
                 PRICES FOR ALL THE THINGS 

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                             The price for a set of these bowls is

                   There are five bowls in the set. They are
                   made from 100% cotton fabric , thread and

                     The money I make from the sale of 
                   these bowls and all the other things I make  is going to
                   be used to help my friend and I get the book published
                   we have written.
                     We are doing another fund raiser on kick-
                   starter. I will post the link in another post.

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