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Saturday, November 28, 2015

 Here are a few of my new bowls.
   I want to start a new landscape quilt. I've been thinking about making a new quilt for several months but I just haven't had the time to . I have my black line drawings done and some fabric pulled so I think it is time to start one.

    This first  set of bowls were ordered by a friend for two  her family members. If you would like a set call or email me.
   I charge 25.00 for a set of five bowls in varying sizes. I will make them in your choice of fabric or colors. I'm getting ready to do a set in batik fabrics.

 The symbols on the burgundy red bowls represent Spirit, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The design on the turquoise bowls I made and machine stitched  with cotton thread. I painted the tiny flowers on each bowl with a different color fabric pen.
    The next sets of bowls were made with fabrics that highlight the interest of the person that will be  receiving them. Car racing for one and favorite sports team of the other.