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Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Quilt Started
      I started a new quilt today. I found a picture of a Japanese  type Gazebo I liked and decided to make two mini quilts using the sketch I made today. One of the quilts I will use to send to SAQA for the benefit auction and the other I want to either put in a local shop for sale or put in a new shop I have wanted to start selling my quilts in.

 I'm going to post pics of the the process I am using to make this mini quilt.
     I started the project by tapeing four pieces of my drawing pad paper together. . I didn't have a large piece of paper to do the drawing on. This is a 13 in. square of paper. The quilt will be a twelve by twelve inch quilt and im adding an extra inch so that once the quilt is finished it will be easier to cut to size.
                                                                                                                                                                      After I taped the paper together I made a pencil sketch on a piece of yellow tracing paper so I could put it in my printer and print out copies of the drawing that I could piece together to make the final picture I will use as a pattern to make the quilt.
  After taping the paper pieces together I chose my picture and wrote down the idea behind the quilt.
  Next I printed six copies of my pencil drawing and taped them together to make the whole picture. together and trimmed the picture to a thirteen in square.
  You can see where I taped the printed picture together. I don't have a large printer and mine is very old so I have to make a large photo of what I draw using this method.
  Here is the finished picture of the quilt I will be making. If you would like to have an online class with me I would be happy to talk to you about it.
           The next step in this process is to paint a coupkle of  sky fabric pieces  using Pebeo fabric paints. Don't know if I will do one of these in black and white or both in color.   I would like to do a morning sky and an early afternoon sky.