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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

  I have been working away on the book my friend and I are writing. I didnt realize just how much work it is to put a art book together. We are getting close to having everything put together so we can submit the information to Create Space.
  I have never used Create Space but it has been recommended by several of my friends .
   In the mean time I made  some purses and jewelry to put in the local shop and when I delivered the items to the shop the owner  ask me to  start making Christmas items.
  I feels strange making things for Christmas in July .

  The heat where I live has been pretty intense but we do get intermittent releif when the delta breeze comes through.
     I have also started working on a quilt and  I will start   posting pictures soon.
     I was able to go to my neighbors house and getsome pretty good pictures of his garden so I can use them in my design. Another thing im doing is taking photo of the vegetables and fruit  so  I can transfer the photos to fabric and use them in the quilt design.
     I may be able to post some pictures this weekend.
 I am enjoying summer this year as much as I can and fortunately the wild fires in my state haven't gotten close to where I live.
  The drought has been  tough on my state.
  The scrap projects I worked on recently were a mix of good and bad. I found that for me the best use of my scrapes was to use them in the applique designs in my purses and bracelets.