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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Working on Several New Scrap  Projects
        Well I have decided to try some new projects in the next several weeks.
I love you tube and while looking at some videos the other day I found some videos about making chenille , 3-d flowers, and using the left over scraps I have from the different projects I have done and am now doing.
    This is  a picture of a new use I put some of my scraps to. 
     I cut the body of the purse and topped it with pieces of fusible web then  i sprinkled on pieces of  cotton scrap fabric. I then topped the scrapes with nylon and pinned it and free motioned stitched the whole thing and cut it to size.
     I will  do the straps the same way.
   I think I will add some beads to the body of the purse then stitch it together.
   One thing about this is you are able to use up scraps , even tiny ones , and you can wear the finished bag with any outfit.
 Here are a couple of pics of the straps.You can see how the scraps are placed and what the finished strap will look like.
 I added silver fabric before I did my final stitching.
  I'm going to line this with a cotton print . I have cotton prints that people have given me and since I can't use them in landscapes and I don't like to use them in my bags I use them to line my purses.

                                Here is the almost finished strap. The next thing i will do to the strap is add a strip of  fabric  to the back. once i sew it on I will turn the tube inside out and iron it flat stitch in the ditch along the sides then add the finished straps to the bag.                                                                                                                                    

     I am going to experiment  on making chenille to use for one of my bags . Ive neer made it so it should be a fun learning experience.
      Yesterday I tried making a bag from strips of clothe I have. It is a woven bag and you can use strips of  any kind of cloth. On the left is a picture of the form I made the bag on. I found out after I made the bag that the string I use to weave my cloths strips on was  not strong enough  to hold the strips in place well ,so in the end they started breaking.  I am going to get some heavy duty twine and dye it  to use to weave on.
        I'm going to get some heavy duty plastic to make my next form from because the cardboard I used was not sturdy enough to stand up to the weaving. 
    Once those two problems are solved Im going to recycle these fabric strips and try this again.I am going to braid a strap for this bag using strips of different colored fabric.
  in the meantime Im going to make a bag with 3-d flowers on the front. I found some tutorials that have helped me learn how to make three or four simple fabric flowers using my scraps.  
      I found two chines i-chin coins that I'm going to make molds from and use for the buttons on this strip scrap bag.
         Once that is done Im going to try my hand at making chenille.
    I am also working on a book with a dear friend of mine. It is a book about physically challenged artist.
       The next few weeks should be full of fun and adventure.