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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 I made some
large fruit and yougurt muffins last night.

  I have also been working on my new quilt  Luckily for me the deadline was extended so I now have another week plus to get it done.With the extra time  I will be able to get the quilt done and I wont have to rush which is really good for me.
   I got my background painted and some of the fabric pieces I needed for the tree stump,  fallen log and ferns cut out and ready to apply. I made my moss for the stump using solvy and several shades of green thread.
   I have never taken a painting class so I just drew and painted my trees  using my imagination.
   I like the result so far.
   I need to do allot of surface stitching today and that will take most of the day to do. I drew my design on solvy and once it is stitched and the solvy is washed off of the thread I will apply it to the surface of the quilt.
    I'm  hoping to get the quilt done by Friday.
   I still have to make some mushrooms to go on the tree stump. Don't know how I will make them yet, been thinking about it but haven't decided yet what I will do.

    I was up until about three this morning watching a Korean drama which helps me think about what steps I want to take to finish this quilt.
   I got a call from the lady who ordered the bag with the butterflies on the front and she was thrilled with her purse. She told me it is just what she had envisioned it would be which really made me happy. Getting money for my work is great but when the client loves my work I really get thrilled. Love to make the customer happy.