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Monday, May 26, 2014

Break is Over
  I have been able to take a break. I had been working so much I was really feeling like I needed to stop and smell the roses as people say. 
   I just finished a bag for an out of town customer and tonight I will be doing some black and white drawings for a quilt I will be starting in the  morning, It has to be done quickly and I am going to give it my best shot. June first is the deadline so I don't have much time. Luckily it is just a 12 in x 12in. quilt.
   I am a member of SAQA for another year due to the generosity of another member.
   I decided that this quilt will be a scene of a tree stump in the woods. I was watching a movie on netflix and got the idea. Funny how ideas  show up sometimes. 
    The bag I just finished has a scene with monarch butterflies . it just so happened that  saw a program on PBS which was about Monarch Buttflies and the story of their migration from Canada to Mexico.
   Here is the bag I made. 
I made these bags from cotton fabric scrapes. I used stitches on my sewing machine to deorate some of the strips and I used my ink pad and rubber stamps to decorate other ares.
  Right now I am into using scraps. This is a 61/2 in wide bag. The inside of the bag is printed cotton fabric that I cant use in my landscapes. I hand painted the butterflies with acrylic fabric paint and I made a front and back and fused them together with ultra  heavy fusible web.  The wings can be made to stand out by warming the fabric with an iron or hair dryer then positioning them and letting them cool. Once cool they will hold their shape even when washed.I stitched them to the surface with black thread for the body and antenna.

The last two things I have made lately is cuff bracelets made from beads and polymer things I had left over from other projects and for the other I made using  up the tiniest pieces of fabric I have collected.. When I am working I cut a hole in the side of a gallon size plastic storage bag and while I'm working I put all my scraps in the bag . When I'm ready to make a bracelet I layer my  fabric scraps on top of a piece of solvy. ( a water soluble interfacing.) Then I place threads on top and another piece of solvy. I stitch everything together place the bracelet in water to remove the solvy and iron the bracelet flat. I use bias binding for the edge and Velcro is used to make the closer.. Cheap, easy ,fun and you never know how they will look. You can add small beads to the surface to add a little bling.

Here are three I finished recently. I am selling all the things I make so If you see something you would like me to make you contact me.

I will post pics of the new quilt when fini.The rubber stapms I used I bought on Amazon.   They are tiny stamps and are perfect for the size   bags I make. Here is a photo of the set I bought The set includes letters and numbers.