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Monday, June 9, 2014

Quilt is Coming Along
   Day before yesterday I got allot  stitching done one my quilt.  After I glued my fussy cut pieces down  .
 I used machine embroidery  and different colors of green and brown thread to stitch over the surface.
    I am going to add mushrooms an maybe a few flowers to the quilt .
    I am using solvy and bridal tulle to make my plants on the log to the left. I draw  my plants on the solvy with a marking pin then layer the solvy and tulle and place them in an embrodiery hoop and stitch my plants.
 I wash the solvy tulle sandwich  , dry the threads, iron them and apply them to the quilt.
   In the close up picture you can see where I have started adding some of the stitching and you can see the solvy I have drawn on .

                                                                                           Yesterday I cut  the fabric for the mushrooms and layered it with solvy and another fabric. I cut out the mushrooms and glued them in place. This technique gives them more dimension. After I applied them I painted each on and the mushrooms on the left were stitched in place.
     I added a few young trees . I used machine stitching and I applied their leaves using a brush and Elmers glue.

    Today I am going to see about adding flowers and do a little  more thread painting with my machine.
Ran out of thread so I'm waiting for my friend to bring me some more from the shop.