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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Projects
 I am trying Tulip dye today because I bought I white turtle neck pull over . Some one had given me a box of the navy blue dye and this seemed to be the right time to use it. I love blue and i wanted to see how it would look on my shirt. I went on You Tube to watch some videos about dyeing my fabric using the tulip dye and this is what my shirt looked like when  I finished. It has to dry for 6 to 8 hours and then washed to remove the excess dye. I also dyed a pair of white sock with my leftover dye.No use letting it go to waste.
The photo is upside down because I couldn't get a good picture in the other direction.  I put a small box under the end of my foam core board , that I had covered with a plastic bag, so the dye would migrate to the top of the shirt and not go futher down the sleeves of the shirt.
   I will wash this shirt tomorrow and post a picture of the finished piece.

The second project I have been working on is Origami Butterfly Bracelets. Here are photos of two I just finished. I used cotton fabric,beads and ribbon to make these .
I made the butterflies  from  two 3x41/2 in. pieces of scrape cotton fabric and then embellished them . On one I used ribbon for the closer and on the other I used Velcro.


I made a small bag to put the butterflies in out of sheer nylon fabric. The fabric had a little sparkle to it which was great for tiny bags and I added a little piece of ribbon tie the bag closed.