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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Busy Busy
I'm sitting here having a bowl of warm barley, mushroom and cheese risotto. It is raining pretty hard so it is a great day to post. Plus I haven't been able to post for a while.
   Well I have been so busy these past  few weeks. I have started my own business  and have been making lots of things for the store where I'm selling. The name of the store is Made In Paradise and it is in the town of Paradise. What a wonderful coincidence.  The shop is a subsidiary  of the Work Training Center and the 25% they keep goes back into the business to help the developmentally challenged in our community make and sale their artwork and at a reasonable price I might add. I was so amazed at how beautiful their work is. They are so creative.
   I am making fabric bowls,bags , bracelets and glass bead necklaces  for the shop. I have been selling well and I was able to get some things made just in time for Valentines day.
   Here is a photo of some of the things I made for Valentines day.
For that special day I made fabric bowls, butterfly brooches, heart bracelets, bead glass bead necklaces , wooden hearts that were painted and put on 25 in pieces of ribbon and a couple of heart bags that I made from the leftover scrapes from a bag that i had just finished for my granddaughter. I will post a picture of her bag a little further down in this post.
 I know the bags are an unusual color for Valentines day but I didn't want to waste the scrapes  from making the purse, I had just finished, and had sitting on the table.
  The heart bracelets are also made from scrapes of fabric I had on had in my scrape bag.The closers are Velcro for ease of getting off and on.
   The bags are cotton as is everything else I made. I used homemade mod podge to stiffen the bowls. I use a mix of Elmer's glue and water and use equal amounts of water and glue.I made 24 items in all. The bracelets were made in two sizes. one for a 61/2 in wrist and the other for a seven 1/2 in wrist.

   For my two granddaughters I made bags for them . I asked them what they would like for Christmas and they both requested bags. One wanted a black and white bag so she could carry her phone , ID, and atomizer in.
   Here is a photo of her bag.
I had allot of black and white fabric on hand and i found a pretty mock ivory button for it. I fussy cut the tiny flowers from a cotton fabric I had and I put tiny black glass beads in the center of each flower.

The second bag was made from cotton also. My granddaughter wanted a a black and blue bag and she wanted me to put one of her drawing a a favorite anime charecter on the front. I found a beautiful button  ,in the exact color of the blue in the  fabric  I used, for the front of her bag. She also loves hearts so I incorporated them into the design.
  Here are photos of her bag.
    As you can see the fabric in this bag was the same one I used for the heart bags.