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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ready To Go Again
I have started feeling a little better the last couple of days and have started a new project. Even though it is a small project it will help me get back in the groove again. Priming the pump as it were.
  I am making my nephew a fabric bowl for his birthday. He can use it to put his keys or lose change in.
 He loves Star Trek so I 'm making the bowl using photos from the original series. I put part of the introduction speech that captain Kirk does at the beginning of each episode. I am also putting a picture of the captain and crew in the center of the bowl and pictures of different aliens in 6 of the episode on the inside rim of the bowl.
 I am going to put pictures of the Enterprise on the outside of the bowl along with planets and perhaps an alien landscape. The base of the bowl will be part of the land formation of the alien landscape. I tried sky fabric  but it doesn't  look right so i'm changing it.
 here are a couple of pictures of the progress I have made so far.
 I taped the first pieces together to see how I like it .
 I need to print my verse on fabric and i need to print out wallet size photos for the interior
of the bowl.I covered the center piece with a sheer which will be removed later.
I will take me a few more days to finish because my printer ran out of ink and I need a friend to get me
another cartridge.so I may not be able to post for a few days.
   I got good news today that my small quilt that I donated to SAQA
sold at auction in Huston Texas. The quilt was called 'The Boat Landing" and I have posted pictures in earlier post.