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Friday, August 30, 2013

Check Up
 I have been taking care of health issues and getting some things together so that my granddaughter can learn to make jewelry and my cousin can learn how to make the bags I make. It has taken several weeks just to get everything organized and set up so I can teach both of them.
  I have got Skype now and I just love it. Technology is wonderful.
  Since I last wrote I had six of my quilts in the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.
The festival was wonderful and well attended. Jim West does a wonderful job.
   I will post pictures of the bags I just finished recently a little latter today.

  I need to look for a new visitor counter I just noticed mine is not working
I have some fabric and a drawing layer out on my table so I can start a new quilt. Haven't decided what I will do with this new quitting it will come to me.
I always like to try something new I have never used before on each quilt.since make.
This time I am going to use texture paste. I have a recipe that works for me and I will share it.