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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Iris Bag
 I just finished my first Iris Bag. The bag is 8x81/2. It has two pockets and it was made from cotton store bought fabric and a few batiks.

The Iris's were made from batik fabrics fused to a pale yellow cotton fabric that I free motioned stitched. The Flowers were made using several pieces of fabric fused in place. I zig -zag stitched around the edge of each part of the flowers.
       In this picture you can see some of the parts I used for each of the flowers.
 Here is the inside of the bag, straps for the bag and the back of the bag.
The bag is 8x81/2.
   I have enough materials left over the make a smaller version of this on which I am working on today.
   The next project I will do ,after I finish the small bag, will be a bracelet.