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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sprig Time Muse
 My spring time muse has called and I have started working on a new bag today.I love Iris's and I have a neighbor who grows large number of different varieties.So I chose a color I liked which in this case is purple. After picking out my fabric. I enlarged a photo I had taken of the lid of a tin tea box he had.
 After enlarging the picture I drew out my design and cut out my pattern pieces from a manilla envelope I had on hand.
Once I cut out my pattern pieces I use water color pencils to color  each set of patterns a different color . This helps me keep keep from getting my patter pieces mixed up . There are allot of parts so it is easy to get them jumbled together I have my table set up so that everything I need to make my flowers is in hands reach.
I am using a lightweight fusible web on the back of my fabric pieces . Next I start cutting out all the parts of each flower. Once I'm finished  cutting out my flowers I will fuse them in place . I am making the front flap of the bag today .

I have pulled the fabric for the body and strap and I will cut the pieces of fabric for them later today. The fabric for this bag is cotton batik. I love batiks for flowers I think it gives them a more realistic look.