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Monday, April 15, 2013

Finished Mini Quilt
     The name of this quilt is "The Boat Landing" 
      I decided to make a pieced bias cut  binding  for this little quilt. I used strips of  the same fabric I used for inner  parts of the quilt. The fabric  I used for the binding  is a  store bought cotton.
     I machine tacked  the center of the flowers that are in front of the bench .
    After I free motioned stitched the surface of the quilt I took three colors of embroidery  thread and twisted  them together and coated the thread lightly with fabric glue . I machine tacked the the rope in place from post to post.
     When I first made the reflection for the boat I had stitched the reflection across the bottom and when I stepped back it looked like there were two boats. So I had to take out the stitching . I then took a fabric water color pencil and marked  the refection in place. I then used a tiny bit of Elmer's glue diluted with water and a paint brush and painted of the penciled in reflection. I like the result and will use this technique on other quilts I make.
 In this photo I placed the fabric I had decided to use for the binding around the edge of the quilt before pinning it in place.
 Here I had stitched the binding around the quilt using a 1/4 in seam.
 The binding was 21/2 inches in width.
This is the finished piece.
   I am starting a new project today . Something fun I like to do which is fabric bags and bracelets. Usually when I "m making  small projects ideas for a large quilt will start forming in my head and one of  the first thing I do is start drawing my ideas .
    I like making the bags and bracelets because these projects use up scraps and they are easy to make.