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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My friend called me last night and told me she loved the Bracelet I made her and today I am going to start working on a few more. A friend had a idea I think I will use when making the bags and bracelets which is to make the bags and bracelets match I have pulled a nice large stack of fabric and small embellishments and ready to go.
   Yesterday I finished doing my black line drawing for two quilts I will be working at least I am hoping to do two. One will be for SAQA and the other ( if the design is approved) will be a quilt with a movie theme , The person is into old horror films. 
    Here is a photo of my first draft. I know there will be changes but this is the basic idea.
I think I will make the center of the quilt a movie collage. Making the movie reel and film strip will be a challenge. I think a stencil will come in handy for this project. Freezer paper is wonderful to use when making a stencil . It can be iron into place which prevents slipping.
                      So off to have fun today.
   I will post a photo of the black and white drawing of the second quilt tomorrow