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Thursday, March 28, 2013

     Just finished another cuff bracelet last night  . I was asked to make one using lack ,white,silver and grays.
      I had some very pretty trim and plenty of Hematite beads. I had to make the small Labyrinth using polymer clay. I covered a metal button with the clay and baked it. Them I made a small transparency using a liquid polymer and baked it onto the covered button. I made a polymer ankh and added small strings of beads across the surface. I painted the fabric for the inside of the bracelet.
    I added pearls and polymer leaves to the surface . I made a cotton loop for the closer.
    Metallic thread was added to the base fabric before I did the beading. Just took these pics.
I started a new design today and hope to have it finished in a couple of days . The next one will be done in pinks , purples and greens and the person wants fairies added . Just so happens that a friend of mine had a small fairy charm that I am going to use. Will post pics later.