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Thursday, March 14, 2013

   I was surfing the net a few days ago to see if I could find a new project to work on that I had not tried before so I could make a gift for a friend
   I found a great idea . A Cuff Bracelet . There were so many beautiful bracelets out there to see. Artist are doing wonderful things. 
    So I got busy and pulled out my buttons, beads , threads  and all kinds of little goodies and have squirreled away.
    I had a great day just sitting here working.
       I started with a rectangular piece of batik fabric and then I layered ribbons and gold threads over the surface and stitched them down. I had several kinds of metallic threads so I stitch on some of those. Next I took my stash of beads, charms tiger eye stone, buttons etc and stitched them on until i felt I had a good design. I took another pieces of fabric and wrote words on it like Love, Dance ,Dream etc.
   I stitched the two fabrics together using a zig-zag stitch . Then I beaded the edge with a button hole stitch.  The beads I used are so beautiful they look like tiny metallic winged beetles. I added a batik  fabric loop closer and a big red pillow button.The green leaves with the rust colored veins are some polymer leaves I made for a past project  The tiny bird is another polymer piece i made. I used acrylic paint to antique the tiny bird. I had a few on hand and they were perfect for this bracelet.
   I wanted this bracelet to have a earthy forest kinda feel.
  The first picture is after I had sew my fabric together , added the fabric closer and beads. 
 Next  I selected my closer button and finished beading the edge.
   This is the finished Bracelet