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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finished Storage Bags
                 Finished my bags yesterday that I use to ship my quilts in when sending them to a exhibition. 
                 I used   rectangular pieces of cotton fabric to make the bags and pockets. The pockets will be sewn onto the side of each  bag and have a label fused to the front of the pocket which will have my name,phone number ,email etc.
                The pockets were made from cotton fabric rectangles folded in half and stitched on three sides. Right sides together. After stitching the rectangles were turn right side out and the openings were sewn closed. I ironed them and stitched them to the side of the bag before I made the body of the bag.
               For the body of the bags I used  pieces of rectangular fabric ,folded  in half right sides together and  stitched around the edges. I turned them right side out and stitched the edges closed and ironed them.
               I turned down the top edge and stitched along the edge to make a place for the draw string that is used to tie the end of the bag. I made six bags .
               This particular bag was made with a rounded edge because the quilt I was putting in this bag was a round quilt.