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Monday, January 21, 2013

   I finished making my leaves and petals today . It has taken a few days and I would have finished sooner had I had some Super or ( Ultra Solvy ) on hand. All I had was some Totally Stable which works for making leaves but it  is time consuming  to remove the paper from the back of each of my leaves.The first picture shows the leaves , which are cotton, I had cut and ironed laid over the black and white drawing of my design for how I want the flowers arranged.

    The next step in making the leaves was to draw the veins on each leaf. I used a dark marking pencil for the light colored leave and a light marking pencil  for the dark colored leaves  . After the leaf veins are marked  I  label each stack of leaves and pick out the thread I want to use on each  leaf color.  

   After the veins are sewn on each leaf I iron the leaves to a sheet of Totally Stable and cut the leaves apart and stack them. Next I remove the Totally Stable. I find a needle pointed pair of tweezers really help with this task.     I then stack the cleaned leaves and put them on a tray.