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Monday, January 14, 2013

Messy Cut Fabric 2
  I have been working on the full color quilt for the past couple of days . I glued all the messy cut fabric pieces to the quilt top in the mid section of the quilt.
     After I finished I took a few pieces of fabric scrapes and cut them into tiny pieces using the technique I saw in Snippet Sensations ( by Cindy Walters) & ( Quilted Landscapes ( by Joan Blalock). I didn't have powdered glue and I didn't use tiny scraps of fusible web to attach my small flowers over the top of the messy cut fabric pieces. I used Elmers Glue to attach my fabric snippets.After I dabbed my Elmers Glue solution to the fabric them sprinkled on my fabric bits and used a paint brush dipped in my glue solution to spread glue over the top of the tiny fabric pieces . Doing it this way helped my spread the fabric bits around and made the simulated flowers look more free form and natural.I made a tiny sample to see if my idea would work . You can see the tiny sample in the second photo. This is another good use of left over fabric.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Next I messy cut the fabric for the background of the black and white quilt and placed them in small piles on a tray. I will be working on my black and white quilt today.

  I store my leftover fabric bits in plastic wrap  to use for other projects.

 Here is a photo of the full color quilt that has the messy cut fabric pieces glued into place.The line across the middle is cotton twine. I use it to help show me where my light source is coming from.

  After I finished gluing the fabric bits down I cut and placed the fabric I am using for the river and rocks  I'm  going to put in the foregrounds of the quilts.
   If I have enough time I will do a little work on my hanging sleeves.
   Now that the holidays are over I can spend considerable  more time on my quilts.  I try set aside  as much time as I can each day to work and I look forward to the next quilt.