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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kukui Tree
   Yesterday I worked on the  two Kukui trees I need for my quilts. I looked at several photos ( like the one in photo two)  and the drew a black and white drawing to use as a pattern for my tree. It is a very interesting tree and I will give just a brief bit of information about the tree here.
     The Kukui tree A.K.A. The Candle nut tree or Indian Walnut (scientifically ,  is a member of the spurge family which includes Poinsettias cassavas and rubber trees), has come to be Hawaii's official state tree.
    However, it came from points further west, being imported by the early Polynesian explorers who first settled the islands because of the trees many beneficial attributes. It's been used in Japan,Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java , Malaysia,etc. for everything from building materials and lamp oil to foods and medicines 
    It's now one of the primary forest trees of Hawaii, growing as high as 90 -feet- tall and,where space allows , providing a wide, dense and shady umbrella. Traditionally nearly every part of the tree has been utilized and the Kukui tree symbolizes enlightenment,spirituality , and protection,safety and peace 
After I made my pattern for the tree I selected cotton fabric  to use to make the  tree. I laid out a piece of fabric for a base to build the tree on. I cut out the limbs first and placed them on the base .  I messy cut the leaves to add to the limbs and after that step was done I cut holes in the fabric to let the background fabric show through when I place the tree in it's correct place . Next   I cut the trunk of the tree and glued everything together.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Here is a photo of my finished tree . I think I will add some fabric to the area I cut in the trunk. Next I will trim the fabric from the outside of foliage and trunk and apply my applique to my quilt as I have done in the last photo. I will have to move the tree from this spot . This is just to show how the tree was placed under my cellophane . I will probably trim the trunk of the tree because I think it is to long.