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Friday, November 23, 2012

Tools and Techniques

In the top photo I have laid out the patterns and felt backing I cut to use on the petals, cut leaves, the brush I use to paint the petals, my glue solution, and the buds.

I made a small stand from air dry clay that I had on hand since I couldn't find my Styrofoam block. I use the toothpicks to insert in the bud so I can stand them up to let them air dry. The tweezers I use to make the buds have sharp pointy ends . The make it easy to open the ends of the the buds while  I paint them with my glue.

These are the bags I put the finished flower in . Each bag will have a flower and I will number each bag so I don't end up with  pieces missing.
My friend made me a tiny ironing board from a piece of wood he had leftover from a building project. I covered the wooden block with a heatproof material and then stapled it to the block of wood. It makes a handy tiny ironing board for small projects like these petals. Each petal has to be ironed to heat set the fabric paint I am using to paint the petals.