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Friday, November 23, 2012

Working Once Again

I am glad to be back at work after being ill. I took some photos of my recent progress on the quilts.  I made two Hibiscus flowers; one black and white and the other one of the yellow Hibiscus. The petals have been painted as has the styles( the part that grows from the middle of the flower). I got all the buds made and I discovered that Elmer's glue is  perfect to help me get the stiffness I need to help me shape the buds . I haven't tried the technique on the flower petals yet, but I am going to experiment today and see what happens. I cut about 200 leaves and calyxes day before yesterday and I will start stitching them together today . Don't know if I am going to stuff them with fiberfill or felt, or if I will just stitch two pieces of fabric together and turn them right side out . I usually just try each method and see what looks best for the quilt.

 Here is a photo of the first two flowers. Petals that have been painted, buds, felt to back the petals, and the styles for the center of the flowers and the flower pattern.