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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leaves and Buds

 I have sewn together all the leaves and calyxes I think I will need for the full color quilts and I finished the leaves and calyxes for the black and white quilt yesterday.
I had to redo the buds because when I held them up to one of my flowers I realized that the buds were just to small. You can see the difference in size in the picture on the left. The buds in this picture have been rolled but not painted or dipped in glue.

 In the picture on the right you can see the buds that have been painted and dipped. I use Pebeo fabric paint to paint the flowers with and I use Elmer's glue to help the buds keep their shape. I finally found some Styrofoam to stand my buds in so they can dry. I found out when I increased the size of the buds I had to let the buds hang upside down to keep them from drooping while drying . The dried buds are in the picture on the left.