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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Leaves

           After I finished making the buds again I went to work getting all the leaves sewn together, turned and ironed.   Here are the leaves and calyx's for each quilt. When I finished sewing the leaves together I turned them using a regular drinking straw and a small dowel I made from a wooden skewer I  had sanded and  varnished it so it was smooth. 
I inserted the straw into the leaf pushed the end of the dowel into the straw and turned the leaf inside out. Once I did that to all the leaves and Calyx's I misted them with water and used the end of a small paint brush to push out the inside of the leaves and calyx to make them smooth a flattened before I ironed each one.
 One thing I would recommend is to check each leaf before it is turned to make sure the stitches a secure all around the edge . On some of my leaves I had to resew the edges again before turning  ,misting and ironing them again. I have an example on the left.