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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finished at Last and Off in the Mail

I have finished my mini quilt and will be sending it to SAQA on Friday. I am still recuperating from being ill but I am much better than I was a few days ago; at least I can eat and stay up a little more. I worked on the quilt a little bit each day and I am glad I got it finished. Now that I feel a little better I am going to start another quilt. I haven't quite decided what I will do. I am leaning toward making a quilt with an Ocean scene. I also want to make a quilt featuring the Moon. I would like to work on both of them at the same time and I maybe able to if I can keep the materials to make each separated.
The last time I wrote I said I would post more picture of the quilt I just finished with a little more explanation of each of the steps I did to make this quilt.  I am using a 3 mega pixel camera for these photos. I have a new Sanyo 10 mega pixel camera that my nephew gave me but I haven't learned  how to use it yet. I am going through the manual  to try and figure it out.  Wow for me I think this might take awhile. So in the meantime for this blog I am going to keep using my old 3M camera.
    I was able to take pictures with the new camera and in order to post them I need to put in a different reader on my computer so I can get the photos uploaded  showing the first steps I did in making the quilt.
    In the meantime I took photos today of the finished quilt so I could post them right now. The main reason in posting the earlier pictures of the quilt is to keep a record of how I made the quilt.
   After I finish posting I want to make my friend a carob cake for her birthday. She is not allergic to chocolate but when I gave her a piece of a carob cake I had made she really liked the carob. I have ask two of my friends to try carob and they both liked it as well as chocolate. I add Pero, which is a grain-based coffee substitute, and cinnamon to my cake batter when I make a carob cake and the combination of flavors is very good. Carob is also more nutritious than chocolate.
I like to eat new things and right now I am just starting to eat Seitan, a meat substitute that is high in protein and carob. I am eating totally vegan to try to help maintain my health better. It's really challenging to do art when I keep getting sick. I have many things wrong with me physically, but doing my art keeps me alive, so I will do whatever is necessary so that I can keep creating.
   Well back to the photos. I am going to show the steps I used  as I was making the quilt.I will post pictures of the finished quilt
    Maybe I will post  my Carob cake recipe tomorrow . Maybe some of you like carob or would like to try carob. I use toasted carob for my cakes . I think it is best for making cakes and other desserts. I also like it for making Mole.