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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Working on My Habitat for Humanity Donation Quilt

Once all the fabric pieces were glued down I did free motion stitching over the surface of the quilt. I also used a fine tip fabric marker to mark the birds in the sky. I used a different color of thread for each area of the quilt. I used about 20 different colors for the stitching. I have added a closeup picture of the quilt so you can see some of the stitching. You can see at the base of the tree I have started doing some embroidery work. I am using a light green for the vines and a medium purple for the flowers. I made the flowers using a french knot stitch.
I am going to add a few embroidered flowers to the front of the house also. The fabric that I have placed on the edges of the quilt is what I have chosen for the edge of this quilt. I will be finishing up the embroidery work tomorrow and then stitch the binding in place . It will be finished  and going  to a new home and I will start the second quilt I need to make this coming week. This is a small quilt, measuring 12" x 16". I am sending this to help Jamie Fingal's Habitat. You will find her link in my list of favorite sites. It is a good cause if you would like to make a small quilt to donate. I'm sure she will appreciate it very much. These quilts can be made from little scraps of fabric you have left over from your different projects which is what I did.
These little quilts are fast and economical to make and make great gifts as well as donation pieces. Some times I have small amounts of thread left on my spools that aren't enough to do a large piece so I save them and use the thread to make theses small quilts.