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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Habitat for Humanity Quilt and Australian Slot Canyons

 I am doing a black and white drawing of the quilt I want to make for Jamie Fingal's Habitat for Humanity Program . I want this little quilt to be bright and have a happy feeling to it. A friend of mine gave me a box of ready-made log cabin squares and I am going to use one of them for the little house on the hill. I have a bag of leftover leaves,  lace, silk flowers and embellishments from the recent couple of quilts I have made. The quilt shouldn't take to long.  I think I will do quit a bit of free motion stitching over the surface and perhaps add a few small glass beads. I will use some metallic thread for the lake.
I am going to spend part of  the day today going through my fabric bits and seeing what will work best for this piece.  I may have a piece of hand dyed fabric; if not I will need to pull fabric paints and get a sky painted and ready to go.
Recently I got an National Geographic Magazine and they had an article on Slot Canyons in the Land Down Under; those canyons contain worms that glow in the dark. I have been thinking on what I want to do with the next large quilt I do and after reading that article I may do a quilt featuring a section of a slot canyon. While I do the quilt I will post some information about the canyon I have chosen.