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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Buddha's Garden" is Nearing Completion

I just finished my quilt top. I "m going to spend the rest of the day trimming the strings from the back of the quilt. I also take a magnifying glass and go over the entire surface of the quilt to see if I have missed stitching any area on the quilt top. I have to do this step since I am blind in one eye and have been since birth.
After that I will start adding a border. I am going to do a simple border because I am tired and since the quilt is so complex in the middle I think a simple border will be best . I also want to start another quilt. I have four quilts I want to to make. I think the first one will be for Jamie Fingal's Habitat for Humanity Wounded Warrior project. The next will be for SAQA.
I will post when the border and binding are attached.
I have already made the hanging sleeve for this quilt and I have a label ready to be stitched on the back of the finished quilt.
There is one thing that I may do . I would like to do a tiny bit of embroidery work on the largest tree.  I always want to add just a little more and I love to have just a tiny bit of embroidery or bead work somewhere on the quilt.