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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adding More Flowers and Vines on "Buddah's Garden"

I didn't get to post yesterday because i got caught up in some daily doing you know how it goes. I did get all my flowers attached and that took most of the day, but after I got the flowers attached, I started to pin on some of the vines. I was going to do them in two colors of fabric but when I started to put them on the quilt, I just didn't like the look so I had to remove one of the colors. I think I am going to paint my green mottled fabric, I'm using for the vines, and paint them with some fabric watercolor pencils.
I was also able to get my Wisteria's pinned in place; I don't know if I will be putting more on or not. The next thing I want to get started today is pinning on my leaves and  tendrils. I made the tendrils from embroidery thread, wrapping each one around a pencil and twisting it to make it curl on itself.