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Friday, February 3, 2012

This is Enough to Make My Head Spin . . .

I finished making my new leaves for my quilt.I had to stay up until one o'clock this morning to get them finished but I am happy with the results. I cut the leaves out of a blue-green batik I had. Then after I stitched them and turned them right side out I ironed them to a sheet of iron-on tear away stabilizer. After that I was able to stitch all the veins on each individual leaf. Today I will remove the stabilizer and and start applying the leaves and flowers for the Swamp Rose Mallow to my quilt. I am hoping I will also be able to get the Trillium flowers added also.
Another piece of good news I would like to share is that I wrote the owner of Sew Many Quilts who puts out a wonderful magazine called Quiltposium and he wrote me back and told me I could still enter my quilt Yay!   You can find Jim West on Facebook under SewManyQuilts. I am going to work double time and get my quilt finished as quick as possible.Wish me luck.

Here are a couple of pictures of the news leaves  on the right. The third picture  on the left  is a picture of the other leaves I was going to use. I can always use them for another quilt nothing will go to waste.