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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ah, Joy as More of "Buddha's Garden" Comes Together

 I got two more of my flowers and the accompanying leaves pinned down yesterday and I was so happy to get that done. After I get these sewn in place today I am going to start pinning my Wisteria flowers and vines later today. One of the things I was able to get done yesterday along with pinning the flowers down was to get my vines made for the Wisteria. I had a green mottled fabric which was nice, but I wanted to have a dark contrasting fabric to go with the green fabric so I found a beautiful dark chocolate and  maroon batik that I liked and I cut vines from that.
It will probably take me a few hours to get these flowers sewn in place. I need to go slowly so that I can catch the edge of each flower and leaf. I have an ironing board set up next to my sewing machine so I can set the the quilt on it while I am sewing and I put a foam core board underneath the quilt which helps me to be able to turn the quilt while I am sewing.