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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Swamp Mallow Flowers

I have been working on my flowers and I have two done. I finished making the Swamp Mallow and the Wind Poppies.
I found this beautiful fabric at my local craft store. When I first started looking at the fabric I wasn't going to buy any but when this beautiful batik caught my eye I just couldn't resist. It was the perfect color I was looking for. I fused the fabric to a hot pink fabric I had on hand and I used yellow DMC embroidery thread for the stamens of the flower. The leaves were done with a dark cotton and a batik I had on hand.
All the leaves were made by fusing two fabrics together then after I cut them out and trimmed them, I used Fray Check by Dritz to seal the edges so that when I sew them onto the quilt they won't unravel.
I made the roots of the plant from another batik . It was beautiful in shades of brown, light yellow and greens  that was perfect for the look I wanted.  I used a dark pink for the veins in the leaves and machine embroidered them on each leaf. I also used fabric watercolor pencils to shade the buds.