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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creating Trilliums

This is a picture of the flower pattern, pattern pieces that have been cut apart and placement marked for petals, leaves and flowers.
This is what Mrs. Oglesby says about the  Trillium flower.
She says it is sometimes called Wake-Robin or Trinity Lily. It is a woodland flower and has three petals, three leaves and three sepals. There are many variations and they come in assorted colors including white, pink, red, yellowish green, maroon and dark purple.
The visibly veined leaves are green, sometimes mottled. Some are round and some pointed according to the species.
The three leaves are the only source of nourishment the tuber gets. If the leaves are removed with the flower in the early spring the root will not produce a flower the following year and the plant could die.
The flower grows in woods and thickets and they need filtered sunlight. I chose this flower because of its religious significance;  I felt it would fit in with the overall spiritual nature of my quilt.
The picture at the left and above  is a picture of the fabric I am using for the root of this plant.The next  two pictures are the first placement of the flowers on my quilt. I will not decide on final placement of all the flowers until they are all finished. I am hoping to have them done this coming week. I will be working on  finishing assembling all the flowers and stems today.