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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wind Poppies

Here is a picture of the Wind Poppies I finished last night . They were done using two light orange cotton fabrics and a dark purple batik for the centers which  I  hand embroidered with  french knots . The leaves were done with fused cotton  fabrics  one light green and the other a two toned fabric and I machine embroidered the veins with a light green thread. I also used Fray Check  to seal the edges of the leave so that when I apply them to the quilt they won't unravel. After I finish making all the leaves I will remove my fabric pencil markings and then the flowers will be ready to apply to the quilt. The next flowers I will be working on and finishing up today will be the Trilliums.
 All the flowers take quit a bit of time to do because there are a number of steps and several pieces to put together for each flower.