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Saturday, October 1, 2011

On The Way to Winter

  I spent part of the past few days drawing and cutting out trees. I wanted to have red trees for this quit. Since the color red is opposite of green on the color wheel I decided that I would cut out my fabric and give it a try. I like the look and  now I can begin applying different shades of red fabric on the trees. I choose a nice red for the base and I  have around 10 shades of fabric that eventually will be added to the base trees. Eventually I will be doing bead work on the surface of the trees. I am also going to be adding some green fabric to the surface along with the red fabrics. I wanted to post tonight since I will not be able to post tomorrow because I want to spend the day doing some surface work on my trees. I did have to remove some stitches from the bridge that I put in so I could place one of the large trees behind the fabric I used for the bridge.
I made the bridge from some beautiful hand dyed fabric I had. It  was dyed to look just like beautiful weathered wood. The bridge was made using small strips of fabric folded, cut and sewn together. I had to lift one section of the strips in order to put the trunk of one of the trees in place.
Once I finish the tree, I will sew the strips in place. I cut some smaller trees to go on the right side of the quilt and I will add assorted fabric pieces to these trees also. I will probably need to add the pieces of fabric for the small trees using tweezers.
I can feel winter coming. It was colder today than it has been in a long time. I 'm not looking forward to the cold weather. Now that I am getting older I can't handle the cold weather like I used to when I was young. Funny how things change when you get older. The one thing I do love about  winter though is the baking. I love to bake bread and winter is the time for cinnamon rolls. Not only do I love to eat them, it helps keeps the house cozy.
I just had a friend help me get my yard trimmed and cleaned to get ready for the winter winds and I have also been able to plant a few things in the garden in the month past. My kale has already started to come up . I am looking forward to eating some delicious greens.
My neighbor gave me tons of green beans which I have processed and put in my freezer and they will be wonderful in some winter soup. One of my favorites is Minestrone. Can't wait for hot soup and warm buttered bread UMMM.
 I will post some of my favorite winter recipes this year. I am also going to be posting some poems this year. I have been reading Rumi and some of his poems are so beautiful. That is another thing  that's good about winter time - hot chocolate , a good book on a cold evening and a snuggly warm sweater . I wish I had a fire place but I don't so oh well.  I have been looking into getting one of those electric heaters that look like a fire place just so I could just sit and look at it. I think I will ask around and see what prices are like and maybe ask around to see what others think about them and see if the work well.
Well it is getting late lots to do tomorrow. Not only do I want to get some quilt time in; I also want to call my friend who just had knee replacement surgery and see how things are going.